We are ..


We are international.

Through mutual respect and global cooperation, we overcome borders and create space for fresh thinking, valuable ideas and groundbreaking solutions. This is the future. And with us it is already a reality today.


We are reliable.

Nothing gives us more strength than family. For this reason, we do everything we can, to help our employees find the ideal balance between their private and professional lives. Even more: In problematic life situations, we are a strong partner who listens, catches up and helps to find possible solutions.


We are here.

Proximity and open, honest communication from person to person: This applies to our daily interaction as well as to our customer service. Whether it’s product development, design or production – we know what’s important and what really helps you.


We are experienced.

Our extensive knowledge is one of the most important raw materials for Hilzinger-Thum. On this basis, new and groundbreaking things grow. That is why we pass on all that we have learned over decades through cross-generational cooperation – all in the spirit of a successful future for us all.


We are visionary.

State-of-the-art technology is indispensable for us. Nevertheless, there is one tool that is even more important and always opens up new, forward-looking solutions for demanding challenges for us: creative thinking across borders.


We are one.

Hilzinger-Thum has been successful worldwide for decades and is growing continuously. For us, this creates the drive to help those who cannot manage to improve their living conditions on their own. For this reason, our company has been taking responsibility for many years and supports people both in Europe and in Africa.