Technical Brushes

At Hilzinger-Thum we look back at many years of brush making. Our great strength has always been the production of brushes for the global market.

According to your requirements we develop technical brush-systems and industrial brushes for sealing, cleaning and handling. We are your competent partner from developing new product ideas to serial production.

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Transfer technology:

The gentle movement of sensitive parts at high speeds is an enormously diverse and highly demanding task. Our brush-transfer-systems are particularly suitable for this task. Whether light bulbs, sheet metal plates, electronic components, flat glass, windows or finished apparatus, whether transporting, storing or stopping: Our engineers deliver the ideal brush-system for almost any problem.

Cleaning technology:

Floor cleaning, electrostatic removal of ultra-fine particles or cleaning of printing rollers: These tasks are ideally handled with brush-systems. High-tech brush materials are clearly superior to other systems. Even at temperatures of 300° Celsius, specifically designed brush-systems are fully functional.

Our own production of low-cost brush bodies directly from recycled materials also opens up attractive new opportunities for cost degression.

Sealing technology:

Brushes used as door and gate seals can now certainly be described as classics. In contrast, brushes used as low-wear rotary seals – e.g. on shafts or as seals in core drillings – are innovative and also cost-effective high-tech products. Brush seals have a long service life and can easily cope with massive tolerance deviations. Even large temperature fluctuations are no problem for brushes. A great additional benefit is the self-cleaning effect. Practically all conventional fill materials are suitable for brush seals, from natural fibers to synthetic bristles to metal wires.


Your consultants at Hilzinger-Thum will be happy to assist you in every detail!

Strip Brushes

Strip brushe, ring brushes and spiral brushes are made with the same base-technology.

A metal strip is filled with bristles without any gaps and then closed in the middle by inserting a fixation wire.

The advantages of this brush system: great flexibility in terms of fill material, fill density and geometries as well as unsurpassed advantageous mechanical properties.

Strip brushes also represent the best of all available brush systems for thermally highly demanding operating conditions with large temperature tolerance fields. They easily cope with extremely low or high temperatures as well as temperature fluctuations and do not become brittle.

In the list of our standard strip brushes you will find information about dimensions and materials used.

HT strip brushes are used for sealing, cleaning and deburring of round material. Fields of applications are the automotive industry, the construction industry, mechanical engineering as well as the cleaning industry.

Spiral brushes or roller brushes are mainly used for cleaning, application, transporting and deburring.

As customer-specific products, HT strip brushes can be bent, set in profiles and provided with grooves for fastenings. Examples are our corner brushes, brush rings and strip brushes for doormat systems.

Punched Brushes

Technical brushes for industrial use.

To produce punched brushes, the fill material is stuffed into a body provided with drilled holes and fixed in the base by means of a wire loop punched into the brush body.

There are virtually no limits to the variety of fill material, core material and core geometry. The most economical materials are selected in each case according to customer-specific technical requirements.

Our proprietary ORP process (Online Recycling Process) for the production of thick-walled plastic parts by injection molding allows us to economically manufacture brush cores in medium quantities (500 to 5,000 units per year). This is made possible through the cost-effective production of the required tools.

Pipe Brushes

HT pipe brushes are used for small bores. Many different types are available.  We are happy to convert your specific requirements into the design of a highly effective brush.


Almost infinite possibilities…


Our production facilities are capable of manufacturing almost any pipe brush you require.

Diameters are starting from tiny 0.9mm and go up to 200mm.

Total lengths of a few centimeters up to several meters can be precisely realized.


The following materials are available:

  • Stainless steel or galvanized wire as brush centre.
  • Synthetic fibers, natural fibers or wire bristles as fill material.

Simple end

The standard version of our pipe brush head is an open end.

Flat eyelet

An alternative to the standard version is a flat eyelet. With this version, the fill material can be inserted until the brush tip. The bent wire at the brush tip has no sharp edges and helps to protect delicate surfaces from getting scratched.

Brush head with fan

Another option is a fan shaped tip. The bristles are forming the head of the brush. This design prevents contact of the brush’s twisted wire centre with the workpiece surface.


Big or small eyelets, straight end, shaft, …

You name it, we do it.