Mission statement



  • Our entrepreneurial actions are decisively shaped by the tension between responsibility and success.
  • We bear responsibility for our employees, our company and our social environment.
  • We are guided by Christian values.


Our Vision

  • Enabeled by our economic success, we want to serve our company and social environment with social tasks.

HT maintains its entrepreneurial freedom.


Our culture

  • mutual trust
  • open communication
  • priority of the common good over individual well-being
  • the rejection of unfair practices
  • the will to develop the potential of our employees
  • our employees act freely and carry the responsiblity as far as their own actions and results are concerened
  • a performance-oriented remuneration

Every single employee is important in contributing to our corporate success and receives the same appreciation.


Our organisation is characterised by

  • few hierarchical levels
  • team structures that organise themselves with the help of rules of play
  • the design of internal processes with few interfaces
  • an internal customer-supplier relationship

We are fast, flexible, strong in decision-making and implementation.


We provide to our customers

  • an innovative and high-quality product that reduces process costs
  • application advice and problem solving
  • supply security
  • above-average service

We strive to reach the highest satisfaction of our customers.