Rubber hand formed parts: speciality products

Hilzinger-Clouth offers speciality products made of rubber and other material combinations for various applications in different industries.

Examples :

Chemical industry: bellows, plates with fabric inserts, seals, compensators

Mechanical engineering: inflatable rubber rings, filling funnels for weighing stations, teat tubes, sealing hoses with outlets, sealing collars, folding foils, fire protection hoses

Packaging industry: studded tapes, belts, straps, stamped parts

Production options

diameter up to 2.800mm
length up to 5.000mm


  • PTFE
  • Metal
  • Fabric
  • Rubber
  • Material combinations such as rubber fabric, etc.
  • Manufactured on mandrels or presses
  • Elastomer type according to customer requirements
  • Food grade qualities