Sector: packaging industry

Whether corrugated board, cardboard, spray cans, tubes, film or paper bags – each of these products requires certain types of roller coatings in the production process. Hilzinger-Clouth offers the technology and service to achieve the best possible product result and thus meets the requirements of the packaging industry.

From raw material production to printing, Hilzinger-Clouth supplies well-known manufacturers with OEM quality.


Rollers for carton processing

Infeed rollers (single-layer or two-layer gumming), drive rollers, impression rollers, gluing rollers, inking rollers, metering rollers, laminating rollers, counter rollers, glue transfer rollers, applicator rollers, take-off rollers


Rollers for metal packaging processing

printing rollers, applicator rollers, offset ink rollers, dampening rollers, siphon rollers, transfer rollers, transport rollers, brake rollers, pressure rollers, varnish rollers, transfer rollers


Rollers for processing flexible packaging

take-off rollers, cleaning rollers, take-off rollers, corona rollers, contact rollers, deflection rollers, squeezing rollers, guide rollers, foil separating rollers, spreader roller / banana roller, laminating rollers, pressure rollers, draw rollers, inking rollers, impression rollers, cutting rollers, cutting rollers, winding rollers, stretching rollers, varnishing rollers, counter rollers