Sector: foil and film industry

The type of film or foil and the intended use of the roll require a process-specific selection of the roll coatings.

This plays a decisive role in production, when different requirements are needed, such as resistance to plasticizers, recovery after repeated deformation, high temperature resistance or very good contact behavior.

Hilzinger-Clouth offers high-quality coverings for every production step from extrusion to winding. When selecting the best possible roll cover for film production or film finishing, Hilzinger-Clouth is also available to assist you on site with a comprehensive team of application engineers.


Rollers for the foil and film industry

take-off rolls, cleaning rolls, nip rolls, take-off rolls, corona rolls, contact rolls, deflection rolls, squeeze rolls, guide rolls, film separation rolls, spreader rolls / banana rolls, laminating rolls, pressure rolls, draw rolls, inking rolls, impression rolls, cutting rolls, cutting rolls, winding rolls, stretching rolls, varnishing rolls, counter rolls