Type C13

HT corrugated sisal cotton buff

  • hollow-ware, cooking pots, stainless steel tubes, flat pre-polishing
  • gap- and lineless pre-polishing
  • exceptional also as a single polishing buff on edges of items like flat electric irons, or cooking pots
  • quick and effective pre-polishing on oscillating machine heads.



sisal and cotton cloth sewn together, cut at 45°, in a steel-clenchring (K1 or K2) or on a cardboard center

constant number of exact folds, strongest and most aggressive folding

exceptional quality and longevity

the exact fold pattern allows buffs to fit into one another giving a closed pre-polishing surface

several impregnations and centerings


  • ø normal density 300 – 430 mm
    dense and extra dense 400 – 600 mm
  • width 25 mm
  • density normal: C13, dense: C13/D, extra dense: C13/XD