Mounting Adapters

WASAG Quick-Fit

HT quick mount system

  • brushing of stainless steel sinks on 90° angle head drive



for sisal cylinder brushes, type C4R is a system to facilitate horizontal brush mounting.

the WS system will be made toyour requirement in dimensions

can be adapted to fit any machine spindle angle head


  • simple to use, can be mounted without tools
  • change over time for brushes reduced to seconds
  • minimum wear of adaptor and machine mounting system
  • cost savings on mounting clamps, that are prone to wear and break
  • buffer on the brush end, prevents damage to the sink side by the brush end/side
  • patented

    Type 3S

    HT quick mount system for tampico brushes

    • brushing of stainless steel sinks, immersion spindle
    • variations are available
    • also for cup-brush or side-wall brush only



    system to facilitate mounting of cup and sidewall brushes on one adapter


    • simple to use, brushes can be mounted without tools
    • change-over time for brushes reduced to seconds
    • increased longevity of brushes
    • less weight of brushes
    • one-way-system
    • patented

    HT rubber adapter

    expanding centering system, self clamping



    to mount finishing wheels Type B7 and B70 without plastic or wooden centers


    • simple to use, no tools required
    • cost savings on purchase and disposal of wooden cores for conical and cylindrical spindles

    HT spindle adapter with key way

    For roll mounting of polishing buffs with key-way, where card-board-cores were previously necessary


    • simple mounting of steel-clench-rings without center discs
    • cost savings on the purchase and disposal of cardboard cores
    • weight reduction of the polishing spindle, leading to less wear and therefore cost-savings on replacement of axles, bearings and drives



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