Sector: textile industry

The roller coatings used in the processes of today's textile industry are particularly stressed by high line pressures, heat, steam, alkalis, acids, strong oxidizing agents and other chemicals. This requires special rubber and polyurethane compounds for the specific applications in textile manufacturing and finishing, in order to meet a high level of durability and simultaneously precision. By providing high quality roll covers, Hilzinger-Clouth focuses on high roll-cover durability for higher cost efficiency in the application. With our large product and service portfolio we support you in improving your end products. 


Rollers for the textile industry

Pressure rolls, guide rolls, draw rolls, pad rolls, lamination rolls, winding rolls, cutting rolls, dipping rolls, squeezing rolls, drawing rolls, squeezing rolls, transfer rolls, spreader rolls / banana rolls / spreader, spinning rolls, draw rolls, draw rolls, winding rolls, mating rolls