Sector: metal industry

In the metal industry, rolls are exposed to strong mechanical as well as chemical stresses. For this purpose, Hilzinger-Clouth offers a comprehensive product range of oil-, acid- and alkali-resistant as well as highly wear- and cut-resistant qualities.

With a wide range of products, from maintenance to coating of rolls, Hilzinger-Clouth offers a comprehensive service concept for the steel processing industry. Our goal is to improve the quality of the end products and reduce costs in our customers process.


Rollers for the metal industry

Pinch rolls, dip rolls, deflection rolls, take-off rolls, impression rolls, cell rolls, laminating rolls, pressure rolls, embossing rolls, driving wheels, counter brush rolls, applicator rolls, drive rolls, transfer rolls, storage rolls, strip carrier rolls, swivel rolls, S-rolls, draw rolls, tension rolls, transport rolls, brake rolls, carrying rolls